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Bearded elders, clad in himatia, their stances varied, move or stand, frontal or in profile, conversing or simply turning to look back. Some have short straight hair, others wear a hair-band, as does figure (38) who is tying it around his head. Figure (41) has an orderly hair arrangement with two braids crossed over and secured at the nape of the neck. In his right hand he evidently held a branch, once rendered in paint just as numbers (34, 35 and 37). The elders, as a rule sixteen in number, are identified as the thallophoroi, who took part in the procession carrying olive branches. E. Simon believes them to be most likely officers of the city (prytaneis [executive officers of the Boule], athlothetai [judges who award the prize in the games], or ieropoioi [overseers of sacred rites, temples etc.]). L. Beschi believes that since the number 16 is simply a multiplication of the number 4, it could well be connected with the pre-Kleisthenes division of the citizens.

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