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The Parthenon Frieze. Block S XXXVII
The vivid scenes of horse and chariot racing on the previous blocks are succeeded now by quiet scenes depicting the procession of the eighteen elders (89-106). Since the blocks have survived in fragments, they can be restored on the basis of Carrey’s drawings. The file is divided at about the middle by two conversing elders (96 and 98). According to L. Beschi, eight of the eighteen are archons of state (the ninth archon is shown in the peplos presentation scene on the east side) and the other ten are representatives of the ten tribes, thus agreeing with the arrangement of the figures on the south frieze in groups of ten, as proposed by the same scholar. The illusion of depth is striking, with the extraordinary stepping of levels of relief. The figures on the first level protrude more into the foreground, whereas the relief is reduced in the succeeding levels, gradually fading into the background.

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Sacrificial procession
Acropolis Restoration Service
Pentelic marble
S 102, S 103, S 104, S 105, S 106, S 107, S 108
Acropolis Museum
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